Czech Republic

12/4/01 We took a (slow/stalled) train from Vienna to Prague. We spent that evening there in an actual hotel, after taking a ride with some people claiming to be working as taxi drivers. They did not kill us or rob us. That was nice. We ate better in Prague than in any other city, in my opinion. 12/5/01 we went downtown, visited the Jewish section of Prague. We had one of our frequent sightings of Bryan, Ashley, Brandon, & Molly there. Downtown there was a weird clock that everyone went to see. They also had $0.15 hotdogs there. They were excellent (and numerous). I think we went to Little Caesar's at some point, and the evening of 12/5/01 was the infamous "tea house" incident. (by the way, Tim, I still need to get a copy of that video...)


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