This is a map of Europe I colored and customized. I think I have all the countries we visited. Hover over a country to link to its page. I need you to help me with photos and info on what we did in each locale. I also intend to put a "missions of paul" style dotted line showing our route once I get a good idea of what that route was. :) The layouts are temporary until I can get the pics and schedule organized.

On each country's page I've put only the pics and information I have so far. Please e-mail me with any corrections or additions. Keep in mind, the only photos I have are the ones i scanned from Melissa back at Harding. These are the countries I have record of us visiting Austria, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland... and finally, the UNIDENTIFIED PHOTOS. Help me I.D. them? Please?

Austria Czech Republic England England France France Germany Greece Greece Ireland Italy Italy The Netherlands Scotland Spain Spain Spain Spain Switzerland

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