It was really sad saying farewell to the country that had been our home for three months. 12/2/01 we had our last Sunday in Greece and our last communion as a group. I really believe free travel is the only way to get anyone to voluntarily leave HUG. That's why they leave it for the end. Notice the *other* campuses don't require this. It must not be nearly as hard to leave them. ;) Anyway we took the bus to Athens and then took a train to our seperate destinations. Still, it is amazing how often we saw other groups all over Europe. Once we arrived in Patras, we took the Ferry to Bari, Italy overnight. During that night we slept in what I can only describe as a theater with televisions playing who knows what. We slept on the floor. I reccommend getting a room if you can swing it, or bringing a blanket for the floor if you're going to sleep in the theater. I'm pretty sure Lis emptied like half her clothes in the trash or something to make room in her pack. I, however, held on to my khakis and dress shoes which I foolishly decided were a necessity. Little did I know we were about to become hobos.

Athens and Patras

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