12/14/01, We arrived in Dublin. We took a train to the coast at Bray, and had communion there. There was a large concrete cross on a hill there and the coast was beautiful. While I was walking down from the hill, I met this crazy guy and his ex-wife (yes they were hanging out together). I think he was a little drunk, he didn't seem all there (he was really nice though). We went to this arcade and ate there, that was fun. No monuments, just chillin in Ireland on the beach.

After that we took the train back to Dublin and stayed at a hostel. In the guys' room, the most putrid odor ever to exist had been spawned. It was so bad, Tim was inspired to actually go out and buy some glade or something. Then he sprayed the entire room down. Sadly glade was no match for this king of odors. I think me and Tim both died a little inside that night...

The next day (12/15/01) we spent exploring Dublin, and actually spent that night in the airport before heading to Scotland.

Dublin and Bray

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