We arrived in Patras, Greece on Monday morning, 12/3/01. We walked up from the port to the train station and waited for the train that would take us to Bologna. We must have arrived in Bologna sometime in the evening; I think there may have still been some of the HUG group with us at that point. Long train rides go really quickly when you're having a good time with friends. We took an overnight train from Bologna (I don't think we spent much time there) to Austria and arrived in Vienna the next morning.

We returned to Italy the morning of 12/9/01, arriving at Venice via overnight train from Munich. Venice is beautiful, but it was freezing when we got there. Once again, we ran into Ashley, Brandon, Molly, and Bryan. What are the odds? (Actually, I think we had just seen them in Munich; they may have even taken the same train down with us. It was a Sunday, so we took communion with them in Venice, which was great. We all spent the day wandering around town and looking for warm places to sit down and eat. That night we left for Salzburg by (you guessed it) overnight train. In the Venice station we also ran into KB, Tara, and Michael.

Bari, Bologna, and Venice:

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