The Netherlands

We arrived in the morning, 12/7/01, via overnight train from Luzern, Switzerland. We met up with two of Melanie's friends, Corr and Anika. They were really cool. We went on a boat ride with them, saw Anne Frank's house, and they introduced us to the world of pofertjes. (They'rrrrre Grrreaaat!) Seriously though, they are. Eat some. Now. Anyway, we had a wonderful day with them and I'm so glad we met them. Corr taught me how to ask for someone's phone # in Dutch. (Marc ik aushebleist uw telefoonnummer? or something like that). We had to pass through the red light district at one point. Lets just say I'm glad it was daytime. It's like New Orleans, but on crack. We took an overnight train that night from Amsterdam to Munich.


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